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Basic Sock Pattern

sock foot










1  100 grm Hank of The Laal Bear Hand Dyed Yarn

1 Set 2-5 mm Double pointed needles.

Stitch markers. Needle to sew up.


36sts and 48 rows to 10 cm using 2-5 mm needles


Average woman's  shoe size 4 to 6


K      Knit .   p   Purl . St( s)  stitch /stitches. P2tog purl 2 sts together.

K2tog TBL   knit 2 together through back loops .  DPN  double pointed needle.

Sock Ribbing

Cast on 60sts loosely. Divide these sts evenly over 3 DPNs. Check carefully that sts are not twisted.

Bringing your 4th DPN into play ,join into a round and mark start of round . Working in k2 p2 rib pattern

work 16 rows.


Round 17-73: knit (by knitting every round you will make stocking stitch)

Heel Flap

Knit 15sts turn

Row 1: slip 1st st , p 29sts, turn

Move the rest of the sts to spare needle or stitch holder.

Row 2 slip 1st st k 29 turn

You will now be working back and forth on these 30sts and repeating row 1 &2 a further 14 times.

To Shape Heel

Row 1  slip first st , p 16sts p2tog p1 turn

Row 2  slip first st , k 5 sts k2tog tbl k1 turnRow 3  slip first st , p 6sts p2tog p1 turn

Row 4  slip first st , k 7 sts k2tog tbl k1 turn


Continue in the same way taking in one more st every row until all the stitches from the heel flap

are included. You will have 18sts on this needle.


Pick up 15sts knitwise down the side of the heel flap. place a marker . Knit 30 sts from cuff ,

place a marker pick up 15sts knitwise from the other side of the heel flap.

 Arrange these 78sts evenly over your needles.

Gusset shaping

Round 1 . k to within 3sts of marker. K2tog .k1. K to next marker k1 k2tog tbl k to end of round .

Round 2 Knit

Repeat round 1 & 2 decreasing until you have 60sts left on your needles ending with round 2


Knit 48 rounds ( or desired length)

Toe Shaping

Round 1  , Knit to 3sts before first marker . k 2 tog k1 (slip marker) k1. k2togtbl. knit to 3sts before 2nd marker .

k2tog k1 ,(slip marker) k1 k2tog tbl. k to end .

Round 2  Knit.

Repeat rounds 1&2 until 24sts remain ending on round 2 .

Grafting the toe

Cut the yarn leaving a 20 cm length work your grafting.

You need to arrange your sts onto 2 needles so that the first 6sts and the last 6sts are on one needle.

Thread your length onto a sewing needle.

Hold the 2dpns together parallel with the thread hanging from the back sts at the right.

Put the needle purlwise into first st on the front needle and pul yarn through.

Put needle knitwise into first st on back needle and pull yarn through.


* Put needle knitwise into 1st st on front needle and slip st off knitting needle.

Put needle purlwise into next st on front needle and pull through.

Put needle purlwise into first st on back needle and slip off knitting needle.

Put needle knitwise into next st on backneedle and pull through.*

Repeat from * to * until all the sts have been grafted.

Secure the only 2 ends you have neatly to the side of your sock.

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